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Bandmaster Vacancy
Has been filled! Congratulations to Lindsi Gawley, who was previously our assistant bandmaster.
Upcoming Events
Spring Concert - Friday, May 3 Tickets available here
Joint Concert with Community Concert Band of Whitby - Saturday, May 11
Summer Concert by the Lake - Thursday, June 13 - Back at Heydenshore!

Junior Band
Interested in learning to play a brass instrument? Contact the band via email or call Gerry Murphy at (289) 685-1247 if you are interested in signing up for Beginner Band or auditioning for Junior Band. Both groups are for youth and adults alike, and any level of playing ability (including none at all!) is welcome.
Spring Concert Poster

Trillium Grant
The band has been fortunate enough to receive money from the Ontario Trillium Foundation to recognize the Band's 150th anniversary by developing new programs and delivering three celebratory concerts.
Ontario Trillium Foundation
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