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Bandmaster Lindsi Gawley
Lindsi has been with the Whitby Brass Band since 2005, and has enjoyed every minute! A graduate of the Performing Arts Program at O'Neill Collegiate, she has been playing cornet since 2002 and holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts from York University with Specialized Honours in Music. She also holds her Bachelor of Education, and works as a middle school band teacher with the Toronto District School Board.

Lindsi has a vast background in music; both performing as a soloist and a conductor. This experience ranges from conducting military bands on parade to performing as a soloist in faraway places such as Belgium and France.

She is thankful for the musical opportunities that her experience has provided her. Highlights have been performing as a soloist at Roy Thompson Hall, as well as with the Hannaford Street Silver Band. That being said, her favourite place to perform and conduct by far is with the Whitby Brass Band.

While Lindsi enjoys performing, she finds the most enjoyment in teaching young students, either privately or in a school setting, and she aspires to someday be an elementary school Vice Principal. She is excited and thankful for the opportunity to further develop her conducting skills with the Whitby Brass Band.

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